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A Heart Changed

California, back from what can only be described as my wildest adventure yet. I came home to an unrecognizable and almost empty workbench, a new last name and new insight. I can't look at this desk the same any longer let alone this world. It's a good one, the best I ever had but I'd be lying if I didn't admit this heart has changed after visiting a very real paradise. One word, Kauai.

Like everything you've ever dreamed it could be.....IT IS. Emerald green layeres of trees, palms, grass and flowers lining every road, hott humid air, and waters that never drop below 80. The relentless mysterious yet welcoming sights of PURE un-tainted, untouched and sometimes deadly - raw Nature. Scents of plumeria and salty waters constantly hypnotize your whole being - not to mention sunsets that set your soul on fire. Not only did my soul ignite, but my accustomed and known artist alongside all that I identify with creatively - set aflame.

Returning to the big city has marked not the end, but the beginning of the journey back, a harrowing tale to rediscover pieces left behind while exploring new artistic visions, yes - tell the Wild - I'm Home. - C


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